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The Azure web portal is a tool that is used to connect the Stratocast™ STS App to the Azure AD data to view and manage active directory information. The Azure AD settings can only be viewed and configured by an Active Directory administrator.

Azure Active Directory overview

The following image shows the Stratocast™ Azure Active Directory overview including the tenant ID, role of the logged in user, and the Azure AD environment type.

Enterprise Applications

Before you can log on to Stratocast™ with an organizational account an Azure AD administrator must grant consent to the Stratocast™ STS app.
After consent has been granted to the Stratocast™ STS app it will appear as an Enterprise Application in your Azure Active directory Enterprise Applications sub menu.

Enterprise Application settings

The following image shows the settings in the enterprise application that the Active Directory administrator can control. This includes assigning users and groups, provisioning user accounts, conditional access, and self-service functions.

Enterprise Application Permissions

The following list describes the set of API permission privileges in Azure AD that must be set up and configured by Azure AD administrator before you can use Log on with organizational account functions:
  • Admin consent
    • Sign in and read user profile
The following image shows the API permission settings that are required for the STS App to perform organizational account logon functions.