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Integrators can request the manage remote monitoring users capability for a client administrator, which allows client administrators to manage the remote monitoring user.

Before you begin

The integrator must request the capability for client administrators to manage remote monitoring users.

What you should know

Only Genetec™ administrators can enable remote monitoring for an integrator.

There are two options available to an integrator to allow remote monitoring for client administrators:
Allowed (integrators and all client administrators)
Allow every client administrator to manage their remote monitoring user.
Allow the integrator to choose the specific remote monitoring user.
NOTE: If the Remote monitoring users field is not displayed, contact Stratocast™ support.


  1. Click Clients, and then select an account from the Account name column.
  2. In the client’s Edit page, modify the following settings, as required:
    1. In the Users section, click Manage remote monitoring users.
    2. Click Allowed if you want the client administrators to manage the remote monitoring user.
    3. (Optional) Click Denied if you want to specify that no remote monitoring is allowed at all.
  3. Click Save.


The client administrator of that client account can now manage the remote monitoring user themselves.

After you finish

Ask the client administrator to reload the Privacy tab on the Configuration page, so that they can create a remote monitoring user.