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Once a client account has been added, you can see its real-time status in the Client accounts page.

Client account state Description
Creating You have entered the required information and clicked Create. The client account is being added to Stratocast™.
Updating You have modified the settings of your client account and clicked Save. The client account settings are updating.
Suspended The client account has been suspended. If an account is suspended, the service that Stratocast™ provides is not interrupted, recording and archiving still occurs. As a result billing continues in accordance with the chosen plan. Suspended client accounts can be restored at any time.
Active The client account has been configured successfully and it has been added to Stratocast™. You can add video units to the client account.
Deleting The client account is being deleted from Stratocast™.
Deleted The client account has been deleted from Stratocast™. The client account no longer appears in the list of client accounts.