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If you have many locations to monitor with your PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera, you can create memorized position presets so that you can quickly switch between these presets when monitoring your premises. This only applies to Silverlight video player.

What you should know

You can create a maximum of eight presets for your PTZ camera. Upon restarting your PTZ camera, the live view in a tile always shows the home position preset, regardless of whether a different preset was selected before the restart.


  1. Click View () and drag a PTZ camera from the selector bar into a tile.
  2. In the tile displaying the PTZ camera, click to enable PTZ mode.
    The PTZ controls appear in the tile, indicating that you are in PTZ mode.
  3. Position the PTZ camera by clicking the mouse pointer in the direction that you want the camera to move. Use the zoom controls (, ) or the mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in and out, as required.
  4. With the PTZ camera at the required position, do one of the following:
    • To save the home position preset, press and hold the 1 key on your keyboard or the keyboard's numeric keypad, or click and hold until a preset confirmation message appears.
    • To save a preset other than the home position preset, press and hold a number key from 2 to 8 on your keyboard or the keyboard's numeric keypad until a preset confirmation message appears.
    The PTZ camera's current view is saved to the assigned preset.
  5. To create additional presets or overwrite an existing one, repeat the steps above.
  6. To move your PTZ camera to one of the saved presets (with PTZ mode enabled), press the preset's corresponding number key on your keyboard. For the home position preset, press the 1 key or click .


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.