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To help clients that have multiple sites better manage their accounts, you can create an account for each of their sites and assign the same client administrator username to oversee all sites.

Before you begin

For each site, create a client account.

What you should know

The username you use for the client administrator can be used by one or more people to help manage the different sites. When the username is active in Stratocast™, the administrator username can access each of the accounts from a single location within their Stratocast™ portal.


  1. Enter account information specific for each site.
    Enter a different address for each store.
  2. For each account, create a client administrator that has the same username.
    Tip: Although the administrator's first and last names are mandatory credentials, do not worry about entering the name correctly for each account. Once a username is active, assigning that username to another account automatically forces the system to use the first and last names that were entered when first registering the username.
    Let's assume your administrator's name is Store Admin and the username is Once you enter these credentials for the first site that you create, the username and name are linked in the system. As a result, when assigning to subsequent accounts, the first and last name fields automatically default to Store Admin regardless of whether you enter the correct name. This functionality ensures that the username's name is not overwritten when assigning a username to multiple accounts.


If the username is already active in Stratocast™, an email confirming their registration to the new site is sent. If the username is not active, an account activation email is sent.


Let's assume that your client has three different stores, each of which need to be managed by a group of people, using a single username. You can create client accounts for each store, and then assign the same administrator username to each one. Furthermore, to help the client administrators monitor each of the sites, the administrators can assign different client user usernames to each of the sites, or assign the same username to all sites. As shown in the following image, Store Admin is the administrator for all three store sites, and the group of people that need to manage the stores use the same username to access each of these sites.

After you finish