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If a client account is no longer required, you can delete the account so that it is permanently removed from the list of client accounts.

Before you begin

Do the following:
  • Delete all of the cameras that are associated with the client account that you want to delete.
    IMPORTANT: A client account cannot be deleted if one or more of its cameras are in the Active state.
  • Delete the remote monitoring user and all Federation users that might have been added to the client account.

What you should know

You can only delete client accounts that are in the Active state or Suspended state.


  1. If your username is registered to multiple Stratocast™ accounts, select an account.
  2. Click Clients, and then select an account from the Account name column. If you have difficulty finding the client account, you can search for it by using the Search box.
    Deleting a client account also deletes the administrator that is associated with that account. However, if the administrator's username is registered with other Stratocast™ accounts, the username is not deleted from those other accounts.
  3. In the client's Edit page, click Delete account, and then OK.


The Account state changes from Deleting to Deleted. The client account is deleted and no longer appears in the Client accounts page.


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.