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Once a video unit or NAS volume has been added, you can see its real-time status on the Devices page.

The following table lists all of the available states and the device to which they apply.

State Video unit NAS volume Description
Creating You are entering the required information and are in the process of adding the device to Stratocast™.
Waiting for connection   The video unit is connecting to Stratocast™ through the dispatch server of its respective manufacturer.
Registering camera   The video unit has connected to Stratocast™ and is being registered with Stratocast™.
Connected, incomplete configuration   The video unit is connected to Stratocast™ and is a recognized device, but the video settings (resolution, recording type, and so on) have yet to be configured.
Enrolled The required settings have been entered and the device is ready.
Updating You have modified the device's settings and clicked Save. The device is being updated.
Error   The video unit's serial number or owner authentication key (OAK) is not valid, so the video unit cannot be added. Cameras that are in the Error state can only be deleted. Open the video unit's Edit page to delete the video unit.
Deleting The device is being deleted from Stratocast™.
Deleting video files   The video recordings that are associated with the video unit that you are deleting are being deleted from Stratocast™.
Deleted The device has been deleted from Stratocast™. For video units, all of the video recordings associated with that video unit are also deleted from Stratocast™. Once deleted, the device no longer appears in the client's list of devices.
Restarting cameras   You have clicked Restart camera. The camera is restarting.
Formatting camera storage The video unit's storage device (SD card or NAS volume) is being formatted. Wait until the edge recording status is Ready before recording on the storage device.
Updating NAS volume   You have modified the settings of the NAS volume and clicked Save on the NAS volume's Edit page. This state only appears in the camera's Edit page, for video units which are connected to the NAS volume.
Locked; updating associated cameras   This state appears for a NAS volume when the video unit that is connected to it is being modified. To avoid possible conflicts that might arise from simultaneously modifying a video unit and the NAS volume that it is connected to, the NAS volume is locked until the video unit modifications have been completed and saved.