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To notify you about the status of your cameras, Stratocast™ sends email notifications when a fault condition or event has been detected or resolved. To help you troubleshoot email notification issues, learn about the possible causes and solutions.

Camera Disconnected

Description of cause: A camera is unreachable. An email notification is sent when Stratocast™ detects that a camera is unreachable for 10 minutes.


If you receive this email notification, try the following:
  • Check if you have network connectivity.
  • Check if the camera is capturing video.
  • Check if the camera is powered on.
  • Ping the Axis dispatch servers.
  • Reset the camera by unplugging the power cable and then powering on the camera.
NOTE: If you still receive an email alert that your camera has been disconnected, contact Stratocast™ support.

Camera reconnected

Description of cause: An email notification is sent when a camera, that was previously unreachable, reconnects to Stratocast™.


If you receive this email notification, log on to Stratocast™ and make sure that the camera is working properly.

Motion detected on camera

Description of cause:

This email notification is sent each time the camera detects motion.


You can modify the camera's motion detection settings if you keep receiving false or inaccurate motion detected notifications.

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