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If you see that the video stream from one of your cameras has lost its focus, you can focus the camera directly from your portal, without having to manually adjust the focus in person.

What you should know

Your camera can lose focus for any number of reasons. Typically, a change in the lighting conditions, or moving the camera to monitor a new scene, are the main reasons why a camera needs to be refocused. Being able to automatically focus your camera remotely is ideal for cameras that are installed in locations that are not easily accessible.

When you perform an auto focus from your client's Stratocast™ portal, the lens adjusts automatically so that a clear, focused image is produced. As a result, you can continue to record video that is always in focus. In addition, some cameras offer an iris control feature that performs an automatic iris adjustment along with the auto focus. This iris control feature sets the optimal iris position to ensure good depth of field and overall image quality.

For more information about this and other camera options, see the Axis website.


  1. Click the tile that is displaying the live video which is out of focus.
  2. Click Camera options () > Perform auto focus (Silverlight video player).
    Only camera options that are supported by your camera appear in the Camera options drop-down menu. If your camera does not support any of the available options, this menu does not appear.
    After a few seconds, the video appears focused, and you can continue to monitor your premises.
  3. If the video is still out of focus, try performing another auto focus. If that still doesn't work, the focus might need to be adjusted manually.


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.