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If you want to change your client's subscription term for billing purposes, or you made a mistake when creating your client account, you can modify your client's subscription even if the subscription has yet to start.

What you should know

You can only change the subscription term if the Term start date field is in the Subscription not activated state. The subscription is activated once the first camera that is added to the client account is in the Enrolled state. You can change the renewal term at all times, even if the account has enrolled cameras.


  1. Click Clients, and then search for or select an account from the Account name column.
  2. In the Subscription information section, you can modify the following:
    Subscription term
    The duration of the term of your client's Stratocast™ subscription. For information about subscriptions, see
    IMPORTANT: You can only change the subscription term if the client account does not have any cameras in the Enrolled state. Once cameras are enrolled, any changes to the subscription term will take effect only after the current term ends. For example, if an account is moved from an annual to a monthly term, the monthly billing frequency will only take effect once the current annual term ends.
    Renewal term
    The frequency that the subscription is renewed at. By default, the renewal term is set at the value that was entered in the Subscription term field when the client account was created.
  3. Click Save, or navigate back to exit the page and cancel your changes.


If you click Save, the Account state field changes from Updating to Active. Your changes to the client account are saved.