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A NAS (network attached storage) volume is a formatted section on the hard disk of a NAS, which represents a logical storage device that is independent from the other volumes on the same NAS. You can store video recordings from a single camera to a designated NAS volume on your NAS device.

How it works

You can store video files that were recorded by your IP cameras onto NAS volumes. Once your network attached storage (NAS) has been installed on your local network and the volumes have been created, you can add the NAS volumes to the portal, and then assign one camera per NAS volume. To have the camera record onto the NAS volume, select the NAS Continuous recording type for the camera.

To record on a NAS volume, consider the following factors:
  • You can only have a maximum of one camera record on a NAS volume.
  • Each NAS volume must have a unique shared folder. Video files are stored in the shared folder of each NAS volume.
  • Each NAS volume can store a maximum of 2 TB of video files.
  • You can only have a maximum of 16 cameras recording on a single NAS device.
  • NAS volumes do not support video encoders.

In the illustrated example below, the total storage capacity of the NAS device is 1 TB, and each of the IP cameras record onto separate NAS volumes. Because the retention period and video configuration settings are higher for the camera recording onto volume 1, 400 GB of storage space is allocated to this volume, compared to the 200 GB of space allocated to each of the other three volumes.

An example of how to set up NAS volumes for your cameras Volume 1 400 GB NAS 1 TB Volume 2 200 GB Volume 3 200 GB Volume 4 200 GB


You can control who has access to the video recordings that are stored on a NAS volume. For each NAS volume that you add, you must assign a username and a password. By assigning these credentials, you are protecting your stored video files because only the integrators that know both the username and password can open the shared folder on a NAS volume. Adding this level of security does not affect the viewing of playback video. Users do not need to know the username and password of a NAS volume to be able to watch playback video of recordings that are stored on a NAS volume.

When updating cameras connected to a NAS volume

To avoid possible conflicts when updating camera and NAS volume settings, the portal locks the camera and the NAS volume that it is connected to. As a result, the following state is shown for cameras connected to the NAS volume: Locked; updating associated devices; for the NAS volume, Locked; updating associated cameras is shown.

Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.