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If you want to notify others when someone enters your premises, you can play audio clips that are stored on your camera, directly from your Stratocast™ portal.

Before you begin

  • Install a camera that has an integrated speaker.
  • Record or upload a maximum of three audio clips to the camera. Refer to the product documentation for the following information: how to save audio clips on your camera, the duration of audio clips, and which types of audio files are supported.
  • Make sure that audio support is enabled on the camera. If audio support is disabled, users are not able to play audio clips from their camera.

What you should know

You can only have a maximum of three audio clips per camera. Audio clips are differentiated by a numbered suffix that appears in the label of each audio clip button. To replace or delete audio clips, you must log on to your camera's web page and manage the audio files from there. For more information about this and other camera options, see the Axis website.


  1. On the View page, select a tile whose camera is streaming live video, and then click Camera options () (Silverlight video player).
    Only camera options that are supported by your camera appear in the Camera options drop-down menu. If your camera does not support any of the available options, this menu does not appear.
  2. Click one of the available Play audio clip buttons.
    The camera plays the audio clip through the camera's integrated speaker.


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.