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Before adding an i-PRO (Panasonic) camera to your client account, you must complete pre-installation steps such as validating that your camera model and firmware version are supported by Stratocast™, opening the default ports, and obtaining the MAC address of your camera.

Before you begin

This procedure assumes that you already have access to a Stratocast™ integrator account.

What you should know

You must log into the camera's web page to configure the connection to Stratocast™. Doing so requires the IP address of the camera (the URL to access the camera is the local IP address, simply paste it into the browser address bar).


  1. Ensure that the video unit is Supported by Stratocast™ and that it is running the recommended firmware version for your device.
  2. Get the camera's MAC address, which is usually printed on a label located on the bottom of the camera.
    If you cannot find the MAC address, contact the camera manufacturer.
  3. Power on the camera, connect it to your network, and wait until it is online.
  4. Get the URL of the camera's web page and the user credentials to log in as the camera administrator.
  5. Open the following outbound ports:
    Port 80, 443
    Stratocast™ camera enrollment service (
    Ports 22000
    Device load balancer
    Ports 22001 - 22050
    Upload camera video stream to Stratocast™
  6. Best Practice: Use the Panasonic EasySetup discovery tool to identify your camera's IP address.
    The utility scans the local network and lists the IP address of any cameras it finds.
    Panasonic easy setup tool with a camera IP address highlighted.
  7. Using the IP address found in the Easy Setup discovery tool, log into the camera's web page by pasting the IP address for your camera into your browser address bar.
    1. The first time that you connect to the camera you must set an administrator password.
      Tip: Make a note of the password so that you do not lose access to the camera in the future.