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Stratocast™ supports many models of video units and NAS devices that are compatible with these video units. Before adding a device, ensure that your model is supported and that the latest firmware is installed.

For the latest list of supported devices and their respective firmwares, see supported devices. To avoid potential issues, install the recommended firmware version for your device. For detailed information about your particular device, see your device's documentation or visit the manufacturer’s website.
IMPORTANT: For the duration that your video unit is enrolled in Stratocast™, use your video unit's owner authentication key (OAK) as the password to log on to your video unit's Axis web page. If your OAK contains hyphens, omit them when entering your password.

Supported NAS devices

Although you can add any NAS model you want, only those shown in the list below have been certified and are fully supported by Stratocast™.

Supported PTZ motors

The Axis YP3040 Pan-Tilt motor with an RS-485 serial link connection can be used with Stratocast™.
NOTE: Control of a PTZ device is only possible with Security Desk connected through Federation™, or when using a mobile app.
For more details on installation and configuration of this device, click to contact Stratocast™ support.