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To search for bookmarked video, you can apply filters or search for the message that was entered when the bookmark was created. When you find the bookmark you want to view, you can play the video in Stratocast™ or export it.


  1. Click Investigate ().
  2. Specify the time range you want to cover for the bookmark search. You can choose from the following:
    Last hour
    Searches for bookmarks created in the last 60 minutes.
    Searches for bookmarks created on the current day.
    Searches for bookmarks created on the previous day.
    Custom date/time range
    Enter a date and time to search for bookmarks created at a specific date and time. You can also use the calendar and date icons to specify a precise date and time.
    Any time
    Includes all bookmarks.
  3. Select the cameras you would like to include in the search. You can select either a specific camera or All cameras.
  4. (Optional) If you entered a message when you created the bookmark, type the message in the Search for message box.
    The bookmarks that correspond to your search criteria appear on the page as thumbnails.
  5. Specify how you want the bookmarks to be sorted on the page:
    Newest to Oldest
    The latest bookmark thumbnails appear first.
    Oldest to Newest
    The oldest bookmark thumbnails appear first.
  6. From the thumbnails, select the bookmark that you want to view and click the Playback preview button in the center of the thumbnail.
    NOTE: In Silverlight video player, this button is displayed as Play.
    A 30-second preview of the bookmarked video will play back. Playback begins five seconds before the time that the bookmark was added (provided that there is enough recorded video). If you want to see the full clip, click the Switch to playback () button.
    NOTE: In Silverlight video player, the Switch to playback button is displayed as .
    Tip: Moving the blue marker in the timeline near to a bookmark or below a bookmark on the timeline causes the cursor to jump to that bookmark in the timeline. The red ribbon icon () turns bright red () indicating that it is the currently active bookmark and displays the bookmark description. This is particularly useful when the timeline is zoomed out and you have a lot of bookmarks to review.
  7. (Optional) Click Clear search results to clear the applied filters and reset your list of cameras.


You have applied filters to find a specific bookmark. From the search results, you can either click the Play button in the bookmark thumbnail for a 30-second preview of the video, or click Switch to playback to view the full video.

Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.

After you finish

You can click to export video that was recorded at the time the bookmark was added.
NOTE: In Silverlight video player, the Export button is displayed as .