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Stratocast™ includes the following new features and enhancements.

What's new: January 2022

Support for i-PRO (Panasonic) cameras
You can now add supported i-PRO (Panasonic) cameras to Stratocast™. These devices must have the latest firmware version installed.

For more information, see Adding i-PRO (Panasonic) cameras to Stratocast™.

What's new: August 2021

Dual recording
Dual recording default behavior has changed.
IMPORTANT: Dual recording is now enabled by default (and cannot be turned off) for all end user accounts when new Axis cameras are enrolled that have SD cards in the ready state.

The default setting ensures that when video recordings are stored in the cloud, a copy is also recorded on the SD card. This is a useful benefit for customers with unstable network connections who want to ensure there is always a backup copy of their videos on the SD card for time periods when their video could not be uploaded to the cloud because of network issues. The cloud storage can also provide redundancy for when the SD card becomes full.

NOTE: If you do not want dual recording, contact Stratocast™ support to disable this function for your account.

For more information, see About dual recording in Stratocast™ and Modifying camera settings in Stratocast™.

What's new: June 2021

You can now use the Stratocast™ VMS cost calculator to get a personalized estimate of your total cost of video management system (VMS) ownership.

For more information, see Stratocast™ VMS cost calculator.

What's new: May 2021

Introducing the new Stratocast™ mobile app
Revamped and redesigned from the ground up, the new mobile app lets users effortlessly keep up with their business from anywhere. Using an intuitive interface, users can monitor and playback video, filter incidents, investigate past events, and more.
New Stratocast™ mobile app showing the different functions including live video monitoring, video monitoring and playback, search events, and event filtering.

For more information, see About Stratocast™ mobile apps.

Curious to see it in action? Download the new Stratocast™ mobile app from the Apple App store or Google Play store.

What's new: January 2021

Removed SCP requirements
Stratocast™ no longer requires Stratocast™ Control Protocol (SCP) capabilities for client accounts to be explicitly granted. They are now available to all configured, client accounts.

What's new: July 2020

Full Support for Organizational Account
Stratocast™ now fully supports the identity provider Organizational Account and users are automatically active when this option is selected.

What's new: June 2020

Support for Azure Active Directory
Stratocast™ now supports Azure Active Directory for Integrators and the Organizational Account option is now configurable.
NOTE: Integrators created with an Organizational Account require a link to log in.