Adding Synergis™ Cloud Links to a hosted SaaS Access Manager - Synergis™ Softwire 10.10

Synergis™ Appliance Configuration Guide 10.10

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Synergis™ Softwire 10.10
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Adding a Cloud Agent-enabled Synergis™ Cloud Link to your Access Manager enables that unit to make secure connections to a Security Center SaaS edition hosted deployment.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Access control task, and click the Roles and units view.
  2. Click Access control unit ().
  3. In the Creating a unit dialog box, click Unit type and select Synergis™ SaaS.
    If the unit type is not available, the extension is not yet added to the Access Manager.
  4. In the Network endpoint area, enter the hostname or IP address of the unit, then click Validate.
    The system verifies the Synergis™ Cloud Link and displays the MAC address of the unit.
  5. Enter the logon username and the password.
    The default username is admin. You must change the default password to enroll the unit.
  6. Review the Creation summary window, and click Create.
    Config Tool sends the information of the Synergis™ Cloud Link to the Access Manager, which forwards it to the SaaS gateway. When the unit is connected to the SaaS gateway, a confirmation message appears.
  7. Click Close, and then click Refresh ().
    The newly added access control unit appears under the Access Manager that it was assigned to in the Roles and units view. The default entity name is the hostname of the Synergis™ Cloud Link. This unit now only responds to the commands issued by this Access Manager.

After you finish

Associate the peripherals (readers, inputs, outputs, and so on) controlled by this unit to doors and zones defined in your system. For more information about deploying Synergis™, see Deploying your access control system.