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BEST Wi-Q devices have a native passage mode feature, also known as classroom mode or double badge, which allows users to unlock a door by badging twice on the reader, and to re-lock it by badging twice again.

How to enable and configure the feature

The BEST Wi-Q passage mode feature is enabled through the DoubleSwipe door custom field, the same way that the double-badge activation feature is enabled in Security Center.

For more information, see the following topics in the Security Center Administrator Guide:

For a cardholder to use the passage mode feature, they must be part of all the cardholder groups that are configured to use the DoubleSwipe custom field on all the BEST Wi-Q doors under the same Mercury LP4502 controller. To simplify the configuration, it is therefore recommended to assign only one cardholder group to use the feature on these doors.

After the feature is configured, badging twice on the reader generates the Double-badge on event, and unlocks the door. Badging twice on the same reader again generates the Double-badge off event, and re-locks the door.


Doors with BEST Wi-Q locks do not support Mercury buzzer features.