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Passage mode is a feature available for all Assa Abloy IP locks. This feature allows authorized cardholders to keep locks in the unlocked state by badging on the reader either once or twice, depending on the lock controller or brand. Repeating the process returns the lock to its normal state.

Passage mode triggered by single badge

The following applies to SARGENT Cx locks, Corbin Russwin Cx locks IN120 and IN220, and all Sx locks. When the reader is in Card or PIN or Card and PIN mode, passage mode is started and stopped in the following ways:
Card or PIN
Either badge once or enter the PIN.
Card and PIN
Badge once, and then enter the PIN.
NOTE: Cardholders must have a security clearance above 7.

Passage mode triggered by double badge

The following applies to specific locks:
  • All Px locks
  • Sx locks running Hx firmware
  • SARGENT Cx lock Passport 1000 P1 and P2
  • Corbin Russwin Cx locks Access 700 PIP1 and PWI1
  • SARGENT and Corbin Russwin Cx locks IN120 and IN220 with a PERSONA serial number
NOTE: The IN120 and IN220 locks can either be ordered or configured manually.
Card or PIN
Badge twice to start passage mode. The PIN cannot be used.
Card and PIN
Badge once, enter the PIN, and then badge again to start passage mode.

Passage mode enabled per door or per access rule

You can enable the passage mode feature using either a custom field for doors or for access rules. Using both custom fields at the same time is not recommended. When passage mode is enabled through a door custom field, anyone who has access to the door can use passage mode. When passage mode is enabled through an access rule custom field, you can restrict the feature to specific doors and cardholders.