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To facilitate troubleshooting issues with the Mercury controllers enrolled in your system, you can refer to the Capabilities report page in the Synergis™ Appliance Portal. The page gives you an overview of the state, feature usage, and event logs for each of your controllers.

Capabilities report page in the Synergis™ Appliance Portal with a controller selected in the Units section.
The Capabilities report page can only be accessed by users with administrator privileges. The page is separated into the following sections:
Lists all the Mercury controllers that are enrolled on the Synergis Cloud Link unit. This section must be manually refreshed. You can view the controllers in three different views:
  • Over capacity
  • Offline
  • All units

Selecting a unit displays the capabilities section and the Event logs section for that unit. Clicking Download generates a CSV file containing the listed units with their current capability usage.

Capabilities section for the selected unit
This section is named after the unit selected in the Units section. It displays the following information:
Last refresh time
The timestamp of when the data was last fetched.
Firmware version
The firmware version of the unit.
A table listing all the supported capabilities for the unit, and the current usage for each capability. For example, 2/64 in the Access control readers row indicates that the unit can support up to 62 more readers. Hovering over the i in a circle icon next to each capability displays the equivalent Security Center concepts.
NOTE: The usage values are color coded as follows:
  • Red indicates over capacity.
  • Orange indicates capacity reached.
  • Green indicates below capacity.
Event logs
Lists the 10 most recent critical events for the selected unit since the last firmware startup, such as when a capability's limit is reached or exceeded.