Changing default settings of interface modules - Synergis Cloud Link 2.0.4

Synergis™ Cloud Link Administrator Guide 2.0.4

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Synergis Cloud Link 2.0.4
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To simplify the configuration process when you have many interface modules of the type to configure, you can modify factory default settings and save them as the new default settings for each type of module.

What you should know

The Synergis Cloud Link unit is configured with factory default settings for all supported interface modules.


  1. Click Configuration > Hardware.
  2. From the Hardware configuration page, select the manufacturer, channel, and interface you want to use as the model.
  3. In the Edit dialog box, make all necessary changes to its settings.
  4. Click Set as default and save.


Your changes are saved as new default settings. The next time you add an interface module of the same type, your new default values will be used to initialize the Properties page.