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To enable the privacy mode from Config Tool on doors controlled by Assa Abloy IP locks, you must create a Boolean custom field named Privacy Mode for doors, and set it to TRUE on the doors on which you want to have this feature enabled.

Before you begin

The Assa Abloy IP locks that support the privacy mode are the Cx-type PoE and WiFi locks.

What you should know

Privacy mode is an Assa Abloy IP lock feature that only grants access to supervisors (override cardholders). This feature is disabled as a factory default.
The following information describes how this feature works. To activate the privacy mode, press the privacy button found on the inner side of the door while the door is closed. The LED on the button flashes slowly for approximately 2 minutes to indicate that privacy mode is in effect. This action is equivalent to throwing the deadbolt on locks equipped with a monitored deadbolt.
NOTE: If the reader beeps and flashes purple five times when you press the privacy button, privacy mode cannot be activated because the door is open.

All cardholders with a security clearance value lower than seven function as supervisors. The privacy mode is deactivated when the door is opened from the inside, or when a supervisor badges in.


  1. Create a Boolean type custom field for door entities, and name it Privacy Mode.
    Spell the name exactly as it is written, with capital and lowercase letters, and include the space.
  2. Open the Area view task and set the Privacy Mode custom field to TRUE for all doors where this feature must be enabled.
    Tip: If you need this feature enabled on many doors, we recommend using the Copy configuration tool.


Two custom events are added to your system:
Deadbolt locked
This event is triggered when privacy mode is activated on a door.
Deadbolt unlocked
This event is triggered when privacy mode is deactivated on a door.