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The Synergis™ Appliance Portal is the web-based administration tool used to configure and administer the Synergis™ appliance and upgrade its firmware.

You can perform the following tasks through the Synergis™ Appliance Portal:
  • Change the password required to connect to the appliance.
  • Configure the network settings on the appliance so it works on your system.
  • Enroll and configure the interface modules connected to the appliance.
    NOTE: Mercury LP controllers and Honeywell controllers (PW6K1IC, PRO32IC, PW7K1IC, and PRO42IC) must be enrolled and configured from Security Center Config Tool on the access control unit's Peripherals page.
  • Configure the access control behavior of the appliance for both online and offline operations.
  • Test and diagnose the interface readers, I/O, and module connections of the appliance.
  • Configure the settings specific to Mercury controllers and downstream controllers.
  • Configure MIFARE DESFire on OSDP and STid readers.
  • Manage X.509 certificates.
  • View and export the appliance's status and configuration.
  • View the capabilities and status of Mercury controllers.
  • Upgrade the Synergis Cloud Link appliance firmware, and interface module firmware.
  • Restart the appliance's hardware or software.

Tasks that must be done in Config Tool

You cannot perform the following tasks through the portal. You must use Security Center Config Tool instead.
  • Assign devices (input/output contacts, readers) to doors and zones.
  • Configure individual door and zone properties.
  • Configure I/O linking.
  • Configure Card and PIN readers so both the card and the PIN are required to grant access.
For more information about deploying Synergis, see the following chapters in the Security Center Administrator Guide: