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As part of your installation, you might need to include a Mercury MR16out interface module.

The following diagram demonstrates how to connect the module.

MR16out-S3 unit with connections
A Outputs MR16out: 5A inductive, 0.6 PF

MR16out-S3: NO: 5A, NC: 3A, inductive, 0.6 PF

B RS-485 RS-485 bus connection to other Mercury modules.
C Power in Connect + to VIN (observe polarity). Connect - to GND. Use 20 AWG wires minimum.
E Line termination For interface modules at end of line, install Jumper J1 for 120 Ohm line termination.
F Address switches Used to set the device address. For more information on address settings on the Mercury module, refer to the manufacturer's instructions.