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Synergis™ Cloud Link includes four CODE DIP switches on the front of the appliance. They allow you to run command codes, which can apply certain configurations and reset settings.


  1. Select a command code to run. For more information, see Synergis™ Cloud Link DIP switch command codes.
  2. Enter the code with the DIP switches on the appliance.
  3. Press and hold the command code button for 1 second.
    Synergis™ Cloud Link CODE DIP switches and command entry button.
    The Information LED () confirms that the code was recognized.
    LED name LED color Description
    Information () Orange: solid 3 seconds DIP switch code recognized
    Red: 3 blinks DIP switch code not recognized
  4. To avoid an accidental configuration change, set the DIP switches to ON ON ON ON.
    NOTE: There is no action associated with this code, making it a safe state when configuration is complete.