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Synergis™ Cloud Link

To avoid injury, you should follow specific guidelines when you wire a Synergis™ Cloud Link appliance.

  • Wiring must be installed by someone who has been trained to wire the system.
  • To avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage when installing third-party hardware, follow the manufacturer's requirements for the use of anti-static devices such as ESD wrist straps.
  • Grounding and cabling must comply with your Local Electrical Code or National Electrical Code.
  • For RS-485 shielding, have ONE device providing ground (connect the shield to a single location, preferably to the master device). This provides a return path for common mode noise, and avoids DC ground loop current flow.
  • When running the RS-485 bus between enclosures, only ground one end of the cable. When running the RS-485 bus within the enclosure, you can ground one end, or both ends of the cable.