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Synergis™ Cloud Link Release Notes 3.0.1

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Release notes

Synergis™ Cloud Link 3.0.1 includes the following enhancements.

General enhancements

Increased offline event storage
The Synergis Cloud Link unit now supports up to five million offline events.
Support for the DDS controller integration
The DDS TPL controller integration is now supported in Synergis Cloud Link 3.0.1.

For more information, see Supported DDS devices in Synergis Softwire 3.0.1.

Softwire logging enhancements
You can now configure logs to be stored in the cloud to simplify analyzing and running monitoring tools on them.

For more information, see Configuring auxiliary event logging in the cloud for the Synergis Cloud Link unit.

Troubleshooting enhancements
To simplify troubleshooting your Synergis Cloud Link unit, you can now download a single file containing all the information you need to provide Genetec™ Technical Support with from the Synergis™ Appliance Portal.

For more information, see Downloading support information for your Synergis Cloud Link unit.

Mercury integration enhancements

New Mercury controller setting
You can now configure whether doors become locked or unlocked when the Mercury controller they are controlled by goes offline. This behavior is configured with the new Door behavior for offline SIO boards setting on the Mercury controller settings page in the Synergis Appliance Portal.

For more information, see Configuring Mercury controller settings in the Synergis Appliance Portal.

Warning improvements
New warnings were added in Config Tool and in the Synergis Appliance Portal to help you more quickly detect issues in your Mercury integration. You can now receive warnings about following:
  • SCP communication health
  • Configuration health
  • Lost offline events