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Synergis™ IX Deployment Guide 5.11

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Synergis™ IX

Synergis™ IX hybrid controllers and reader expanders support OSDP readers.

Requirements and supported devices

Synergis™ Softwire 11.2 or later is required.

OSDP readers are supported through Synergis™ IX hybrid controllers and reader expanders:

Hybrid controllers running 4.00_649_L1C3 or later:
NOTE: The minimum required versions to use OSDP readers with 64-bit credentials are controller firmware 4.00 864 L05A and Synergis™ Softwire 11.3.2.
Reader expanders running 1.12.585 L021 or later:
  • SY-SIX-RDM2-DIN-485
OSDP readers:
  • HID signo readers
  • Synergis™ IX OSDP readers

How it works

Up to two readers are supported on each reader port on the Synergis™ IX controller. For each OSDP reader, you must create a Smart Reader in the Synergis™ IX Portal.

If you connect two readers to the same port, you must configure Genetec RS485 as the network type on the reader port through the Synergis™ IX Portal so that both readers can be displayed in Config Tool.

Known issues

Support for OSDP readers with Synergis™ IX has the following known issues:

  • The following options are hidden for smart readers connected through an RS-485 reader port, but can be configured by temporarily switching the Expander Port to Ethernet:
    • Keypad to Use for PINs
    • Reader Arming Mode (ArmArea on 2 Reads option only)
  • The following options are not functional with OSDP readers:
    • Reader Arming Mode (all options except for ArmArea on 2 Reads)
    • Allow Reading Open/Unlocked
    • Arm User Area
  • The Disable Green LED Processing option does not function for OSDP or RS-485 readers.
  • Offline operations are currently not supported for OSDP readers.
  • Tamper state is not supported for OSDP readers.