Configuring the expander modules connected to Synergis™ IX controllers - Synergis™ IX 5.11

Synergis™ IX Deployment Guide 5.11

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Synergis™ IX 5.11
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Synergis™ IX

Before you configure the areas in the Synergis™ IX Portal, you must configure the expander modules (downstream panels) connected to your Synergis™ IX controller.

What you should know

Downstream panels connected to the Synergis™ IX controller, also known as expander modules or expanders, are either automatically discovered or manually added through the Synergis™ IX Portal. Only the essential settings are described here. For more information on using the Synergis™ IX Portal, see the Genetec Synergis™ IX Programming Reference. You can access it by clicking in the Synergis™ IX Portal.


  1. Log on to the controller.
  2. In the portal menu, click Wizards > Expanders Wizard.
    Ensure that all modules connected to the RS-485 network are displaying their fault and status indicator like the diagram shown on screen.
  3. Click Step 2 - Auto Detection.
    The discovered modules are listed with their assigned default names in the Existing Modules section.
  4. (Optional) Click the Name fields to change the assigned default names.
  5. If there are modules that you want to configure that are not yet installed, click Step 3 - Additional Modules
  6. Click Add, enter the module properties, and then click OK.
    Type of module you want to add.
    Name used to easily identify the module.
    Physical address of the module (1 to 254).
    (Only applicable for modules with reader ports) Number of doors controlled through this module.
    The added module is listed in the Additional Modules section.
  7. Repeat the previous step for each module that you want to add.
  8. Click Save and Return to Menu.
    Progress is shown as the controller is programmed and the corresponding inputs, outputs, and trouble inputs are created. Once complete, you return to the Home Page.
  9. If you added reader modules, configure the reader network settings:
    1. In the portal menu, click Expanders > Reader Expanders.
      The configured reader modules are listed.
    2. Select the module you want to configure and set the appropriate values for each Network Type.
      For RS-485 and multiplexed Wiegand readers, the readers appear in pairs in Config Tool; one of them labeled "-out". The out reader can only be used in a pair on the same door as the main reader on the port.
    3. Click Save ().