Logging on to the Synergis™ IX controller - Synergis™ IX 5.11

Synergis™ IX Deployment Guide 5.11

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Synergis™ IX 5.11
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Synergis™ IX

You must connect to the Synergis™ IX controller through the Synergis™ IX Portal to configure its downstream modules and the intrusion detection areas it manages.

Before you begin

Connect your Synergis™ IX controller to the network.
IMPORTANT: Do not set up the SNTP Time server on the Synergis™ IX, the Synergis™ Cloud Link keeps the controller time in synch based on the Access Manager server.

What you should know

  • The controller hostname is SIX followed by its MAC address. The MAC address is found on the label on the controller. For example, if the label says 00:1C:B2:43:D4:E6, then the default hostname for that controller is SIX001CB243D4E6. The default IP address is
  • The default username and password are admin and admin. When trying to log on to Synergis™ IX controllers running firmware 4.00_649_L1C3 or later using the admin username and the default admin password, you are prompted to update the password.
  • Starting in Synergis™ Softwire 11.3.3, you can open the Synergis™ IX Portal from the Synergis™ Appliance Portal by navigating to Configuration > Hardware, and then clicking the controller's IP address. The Synergis™ IX Portal opens in a new tab.
    NOTE: If the Synergis™ IX certificate is self-signed, then the Synergis™ IX Portal is not accessible from the Synergis™ Appliance Portal opened in Config Tool.


  1. Open a web browser.
  2. In the browser’s address bar, type https:// followed by the controller's hostname or IP address.
    For example, https://SIX001CB243D4E6.
  3. (New browser session only) If you opened a new browser session to log on to the Synergis™ IX controller, you will get a certificate error message.
    Follow your browser’s on-screen instructions to continue to the website.
    NOTE: You won't see the message again unless you close and re-open your browser to log on to the appliance.
  4. Enter the username and password, then click Log On.


The browser opens on the home page of the portal.