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Synergis™ IX

Synergis™ IX is an OEM product. For this reason, it uses a different set of terms from Security Center.

The following table lists the terminology difference between Synergis™ IX and Security Center.
Synergis™ IX Security Center (glossary terms are in italic)
Area Intrusion detection area.
NOTE: An area in Security Center has a much broader meaning. It can either represent a concept (used for grouping) or a physical area.
Access level Access rule.
NOTE: Access rules are configured in Security Center and pushed to the Synergis™ IX controller.
Controller A Synergis™ IX controller is represented by two different entities in Security Center:
Door group Secured area.
NOTE: In Security Center, a secured area is a physical area with the access control features enabled.
Expander module Downstream module or downstream panel.
Operator User.
NOTE: In Security Center, operator typically refers to a Security Desk user, while user refers to all types of Security Center users: administrators, supervisors, investigators, operators, and so on.
User Cardholder.
NOTE: A user in Security Center corresponds to a user account with a username, a password, and a set of privileges. Cardholders are configured in Security Center and pushed to the Synergis™ IX controller.
User group Cardholder group.
NOTE: A user group in Security Center is used to define the common privileges and access rights for a group of users. A user belonging to a user group inherits the properties of the user group. Likewise, a cardholder belonging to a cardholder group inherits the properties of the cardholder group.
Zone (Input) Input (only digital input).
NOTE: A zone in Security Center is an entity used to monitor a set of inputs and trigger events based on their combined states. Zones are further divided into hardware zones, I/O zones, and virtual zones. This concept does not exist in Synergis™ IX.

For more Security Center-specific terms, consult the glossary at the end of this guide.