Configuring Synergis™ IX settings for cardholders - Australia and New Zealand only

Synergis™ IX Deployment Guide 5.8

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Synergis™ IX

When Synergis™ IX is enabled in your system, you have additional cardholder settings to configure.

What you should know

Cardholders are pushed from Security Center to Synergis™ IX controllers as users.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Access control task, and click the Cardholders and credentials view.
  2. Click the cardholder you want to configure and click the Synergis™ IX tab.
  3. Configure the following Synergis™ IX settings:
    Has duress PIN
    When enabled, the cardholder can enter a duress code, allowing access but sending a silent alarm to the offsite monitoring station. The duress code is the last digit of a cardholder's PIN plus 1. For example, if the user's PIN is 1234 but the PIN is entered as 1235, it is processed as a duress code. Note that the plus 1 counter applies to the last digit only. This means if the user PIN is 1239, the PIN to trigger a duress code would be entered as 1230.
    Go to menu on logon
    When enabled, the cardholder is taken directly to the main menu and not shown the area control functions. Display of the area control is by default. Enable this option for cardholders who won't normally perform area operations on the keypad.
    Greet user
    When enabled, the cardholder is shown a greeting upon entering their code on an LCD user station (for example, Good Morning John Smith). Disabling this option takes the cardholder to the area control menu or directly to the main menu. The setting can be overridden by the same option in the cardholders menu group assigned to the access level of the cardholder.
    Show alarm on logon
    When enabled, the cardholder is shown upon logon the memory of any alarms that have occurred on the primary area that the keypad is assigned. This option can be overridden by the same option in the menu group.
    Phone extension
    If an entry station is integrated with the Synergis™ IX system, users' phone extensions can be extracted if entered in this field.
    Reporting ID
    The code by which the cardholder is reported to a monitoring station. ContactID, SIA, and ReportIP use this code.
  4. Click Apply.


The new settings are automatically pushed to the Synergis™ IX controllers connected to your unit.