Configuring the Synergis™ IX controller network settings - Australia and New Zealand only

Synergis™ IX Deployment Guide 5.8

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Synergis™ IX

Before you can use Synergis™ IX controllers in your system, you must configure their network settings.

Before you begin

Your network administrator must assign a static IP address to each Synergis™ IX controller used in your system.

What you should know

The controller configuration is done through Synergis™ IX Portal. Only the essential settings are described here. For more information on using Synergis™ IX Portal, see the Genetec Synergis™ IX Programming Reference (click in Synergis™ IX Portal).


  1. Log on to the controller.
  2. In the portal menu, click System > Settings.
  3. In the System Settings page, enter the following information, and click Save.
    Name used to easily identify the controller to the users. Ideally, the name should describe the premises or the building where the panel is installed.
    Use DHCP
    When enabled, the controller uses DHCP to dynamically allocate an IP address instead of using a static IP address. To use this there must be a DHCP server on the network you are attempting to connect to. Ensure that the DHCP server has a static allocation for each unit.
    IP Address
    The controller must be programmed with a valid TCP/IP address to allow communication. If DHCP is disabled, enter a static IP address.