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An event indicates the occurrence of an activity or incident, such as access denied to a cardholder or motion detected on a camera. Events are automatically logged in Security Center. Every event has an entity as its main focus, called the event source.

Events can arise from many different sources, such as a user starting a recording on a camera, a door being left open for too long, or an attempt to use a stolen credential. The types of events generated by Security Center vary by the entity. For example, Access denied events relate to cardholders, Signal lost events relate to cameras, License plate hit events relate to hotlists, and so on.

Some ways that you can use events include the following:
  • View live events in Security Desk.
  • View past events in reporting tasks for analysis and investigation.
  • Configure the system to take action automatically by associating actions to various types of events, such as triggering an alarm or sending a message. This is called an . This is the most powerful method for handling events.

System versus custom events

Security Center is installed with predefined event types called system events. You can add new event types to your system, either by installing plugins or by defining them yourself. These are called custom events, which you can use in the same way that you use system events.

Live versus offline events

When the event source is a device or an external application, live event and offline events must be differentiated.
  • A live event is an event that Security Center receives when the event occurs. Security Center processes live events in real-time. Live events are displayed in the event list in Security Desk and can be used to trigger event-to-actions.
  • An offline event is an event that occurs while the event source is offline. Security Center only receives the offline events when the event source is back online.
Depending on how old the event is when it is received, Security Center can be configured to do one of the following:
  • Treat it as a live event, typically within a few minutes of the event occurrence.
  • Record the event in the database for reporting without sending notifications to online users: suitable for when the event is less than a predefined number of days old.
  • Discard the event without saving it to the database: suitable for when the event is more than a predefined number of days old.