Configuring Synergis™ IX settings for cardholder groups - Synergis™ IX 5.9

Synergis™ IX Deployment Guide 5.9

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Synergis™ IX 5.9
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Synergis™ IX

When Synergis™ IX is enabled in your system, you have additional cardholder group settings to configure.

What you should know

Cardholder groups are pushed from Security Center to Synergis™ IX controllers as user groups.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Access control task, and click the Cardholders and credentials view.
  2. Click the cardholder group that you want to configure, and click the Synergis™ IX tab.
  3. Configure the following shared Synergis™ IX settings:
    Disarm primary area on logon
    When enabled, the primary area for the keypad that a member of this group logs on to is disarmed automatically.
    Rearm in stay mode
    This option is used with the User Rearm in Stay Mode option under Area programming. If both User and Area options are enabled, when the user disarms the area and after the rearm period has elapsed, the area automatically rearms in Stay mode.
    Role of the cardholder when using the keypad menu (default = None). You must select a role for the cardholder to be able to enter a PIN. The roles defined by default are:
    Can monitor the system and perform basic user configuration.
    Can perform all actions without any restrictions, except arming and disarming.
    Can acknowledge alarms
    When enabled, members of this group can acknowledge alarm memory. Alarm memory is stored for each area and records the last four activations. The alarm memory can be viewed from MENU 5 on the keypad and must be enabled to allow acknowledgment to occur. This setting can be overridden by the same option in the menu group.
    Can acknowledge system trouble
    When enabled, members of this group are able to acknowledge system trouble conditions from the view menu (MENU 5) on the LCD keypad.
    User loiter expiry count
    When enabled, the members of this group are included in the loiter area timing calculations. This means the cardholder is allowed access for the period of loiter time set for the area they have entered. The areas used for the loiter time must be configured as loiter area and used as the inside and outside areas for the door. This is an administrative setting and should be edited only by the system administrator.
  4. Click Apply.


The new settings are automatically pushed to the Synergis™ IX controllers connected to your unit.