Adding Synergis Cloud Link units to Access Manager roles - Australia and New Zealand only

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To control the access to the secured areas at your site and monitor the access control and intrusion detection-related events in Security Center, you must add the Synergis™ Cloud Link unit used to enroll your Synergis™ IX controller to an Access Manager role.

What you should know

When the Synergis Cloud Link unit is added to an Access Manager role, the Synergis IX controllers it manages are automatically added to the Intrusion Manager role as intrusion detection units.


  1. From the Config Tool homepage, open the Access control task, and click the Roles and units view.
  2. Click Add access control unit () .
  3. In the Creating a unit dialog box, click Unit type and select Synergis.
  4. In the Network endpoint section, enter the hostname or IP address of the unit, and the admin username and password.
  5. If you require port forwarding, click Advanced settings and enter the base URL in the Web address field.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Select a Partition on which to add the access control unit, and click Next.
    Partitions determine which Security Center users have access to this entity. Only authorized users of the partition can view or modify the access control unit.
  8. Review the Creation summary window, and click Create.
  9. Click Close and then click Refresh () .
    NOTE: For cardholder names to be displayed on keypads, enable the Include identifiable personal data in synchronization option of the Access Manager role.
    The Synergis IX controller is displayed as follows:
    • As an interface module under Peripherals tab of the Synergis Cloud Link in the Access Control Task.
    • As an intrusion detection unit under the Intrusion Manager in the Intrusion Detection Task tab.


The Synergis Cloud Link appears under the Access Manager that it was assigned to in the Roles and units view.
NOTE: A keypad named Keypad One might appear as offline under the Synergis IX controller in the Peripherals page. Keypad One is created by default and we recommend deleting it if it is not in use. To delete Keypad One:
  1. From the Synergis™ IX Portal, click Expanders > Keypads.
  2. Select Keypad One and click Delete ().
  3. Click Yes > Yes to confirm.
NOTE: If you later change the connection parameters on the unit, you must inform the Access Manager about it. See Synchronizing the Synergis Cloud Link unit with the Access Manager.