Configuring Synergis IX-controlled doors - Australia and New Zealand only

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For each secured area in your Security Center, you must configure at least one Synergis™ IX-controlled door.

What you should know

Skip the door creation for secured areas that were created for intrusion detection areas without doors. A virtual door will be created by the system when you match the intrusion detection areas to secured areas.


  1. In the Area view task, select a secured area () and click Add an Entity (), then select Door.
  2. In the Creating a door wizard, enter the door name and description.
  3. From the Location drop-down, select the area to which the door belongs, and click Next.
  4. In the Door information page, assign names to the door sides.
    In/Out, Secure/Non-secure, Entrance/Exit, East/West.
  5. Associate the door with the access control unit that it is wired to:
    1. From the Access control unit drop-down, select the Synergis™ Cloud Link unit.
    2. From the Interface module drop-down, select the interface module that the door is wired to.
      The interface module can be either the Synergis IX controller or one of its reader expander modules.
    3. (Optional) From the Door template drop-down, select a template.
    NOTE: Security Center includes templates for the most popular configurations; you can also create custom templates using the Security Center SDK.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Review the Summary page, and click Create > Close.
    The new door () appears in the area view.
  8. Select the newly created door and click the Properties tab. Configure the required door settings.
  9. (Doors with keypad readers only) Click the Hardware tab and configure the reader mode.
    Click Reader setting () next to the reader and turn on the Card and PIN reader mode.
    NOTE: Use the schedule list to select when this mode applies. When not in a scheduled time period, the reader behaves in either Card only or Card or PIN mode, depending on the unit-wide parameters configured in the portal of the Synergis™ unit.
  10. Repeat the above steps to create at least one door for each secured area.