Configuring the Synergis IX expander modules - Australia and New Zealand only

Synergis™ IX Quick Start Guide

Synergis IX
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Before you configure the areas in the Synergis™ IX Portal, you must configure the expander modules (downstream panels) connected to your Synergis™ IX controller.

Before you begin


  1. From the Synergis IX Portal, open the Wizards view and click Expanders Wizard.
    Expander Wizard Step 1.
  2. Click Step 2 - Auto Detection.
    Expander Wizard Step 2.
  3. Click Step 3 - Additional Modules to configure modules that are not installed.
  4. Click Save and Return to Menu.
    If the Expander Programming window opens, select the Program option for the modules that must be programmed, then click OK.
    Expander Programming pop-up window.
    Progress is shown as the controller is programmed and the corresponding inputs, outputs, and trouble inputs are created. Once complete, you return to the Home Page.