Configuring the network type on the reader expander ports - Australia and New Zealand only

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Before you can use the readers with your Synergis™ IX controllers, you must configure the communication protocol on the reader expander ports.


  1. From the Synergis™ IX Portal, open the Expanders view and click Reader Expanders > General.
    Synergis IX Portal - Reader Expanders - General.
  2. Select the reader expander module.
  3. In the General page, set Port 1 Network Type and Port 2 Network Type.
    Select Genetec RS-485, Wiegand, or OSDP. For more information on OSDP configuration, see the Synergis IX Deployment Guide.
  4. (Optional) Configure the automatic disarming of an area when a valid cardholder presents their credential.
    1. Select Reader 1 and Reader 2 as needed.
    2. Select Disarm Area For Door On Access under Misc Options.
    Synergis IX Portal - Reader Expanders - Misc Options.