Testing your Synergis IX system - Australia and New Zealand only

Synergis™ IX Quick Start Guide

Synergis IX
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After you finish, you must validate your Synergis™ IX system by using the previously configured access rules, installer PIN, and sample cardholder credentials to access secured areas and intrusion detection areas.


  1. Access a secured area by using the sample cardholder's Card and PIN on a keypad reader.
  2. Access a secured area by presenting only the sample cardholder's card to the reader without keypad.
  3. Enter the installer PIN on the intrusion keypad and verify the limited access of the installer.
  4. Arm and disarm the intrusion detection areas by entering the sample cardholder's PIN on the intrusion keypad.
  5. Verify if the intrusion detection areas follow the arming and disarming schedules.

After you finish

Finish configuring the entire Synergis IX system with areas, schedules, cardholder groups, cardholders, users, and access rules as required. For more information, see the Synergis™ IX Deployment Guide.