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Synergis™ Proximity Report Technote

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Security Center 5.7 - 5.10
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You can generate a Synergis™ proximity report to investigate who might have been in contact or in close proximity with a specific individual within a certain time range.


Security Center 5.7, 5.8, or 5.9 are required to generate the Synergis™ proximity report.

How it works

The report is generated as a CSV file by running a macro in Security Center, instead of through an investigation task. The macro can be run from a hot action in Security Desk or from the Macros page of the System task in Config Tool.

Cardholder activity and door activity data is used to identify the individuals who might have come into contact with a chosen individual based on when the same doors were accessed within a configured window of time.

Compatibility with access control plugins

If you use the OnGuard plugin or the CCURE Access Control plugin with Security Center, the report is generated using the access control data from the plugins. The following plugins are compatible with the Synergis™ proximity report:

Genetec Inc. has tested and validated the product.
  • OnGuard 4.0.526.0
  • CCURE Access Control 3.5.453.3
Supported by design
The product has similar characteristics or is a newer version of a certified version, but Genetec Inc. has not tested or validated the product.
  • Versions earlier than OnGuard 4.0.526.0
  • Versions earlier than CCURE Access Control 3.5.453.3