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Synergis™ Softwire 10.11 Integration Guide for Keri EntraGuard Systems

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Synergis™ Softwire 10.11
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Learn about the different ways EntraGuard tenants can be configured and how each configuration affects what information gets synchronized.

EntraGuard keeps a directory of the tenants in the building. Each directory entry includes the following information:
Display name
Text displayed on the EntraGuard LCD that uniquely identifies each tenant when a visitor shows the directory list.
The phone number that EntraGuard must dial when a visitor punches in the directory code (apartment number).
Directory code
Number that the visitor must punch in to call a tenant. It typically corresponds to the apartment number.
When you enroll the EntraGuard-enabled Synergis™ unit in Security Center, three Keri custom fields for cardholders are created automatically.
Text field. Only the first 12 characters will be displayed.
Text field. Phone numbers up to 10 digits are accepted. The digit group separators can be a space, a dash (“-”), or omitted. For example, the following formats are all accepted: “5141234567”, “514 123 4567”, and “514-123-4567”.
Numeric field. Cannot exceed five digits.
NOTE: The system supports only one tenant per apartment unit. If a family of four lives in the same apartment, you must create one cardholder (tenant) in Security Center, and assign four credentials to that cardholder, so each member of the family has one credential (key) to enter the building.

If a cardholder is created for each person living in the same apartment unit for activity tracking purposes, you must take the following into consideration:

When the Directory code is set to zero
Only the first cardholder created with the following information can be synchronized to the Keri modules:
  • A valid credential
  • The Directory code set to 0 (zero)
  • The Keri custom fields filled

The person associated with this cardholder can access the Keri door using their credential, but not by entering 0 on the Keri panel.

Other cardholders can be created with a Directory code set to 0 (zero), but at least one of the other Keri fields must be kept blank. These other cardholders will not be synchronized to the Keri modules.

When the same Directory code is shared
If two or more cardholders share the same Directory code, only the first cardholder created with a given Directory code is synchronized to the Keri modules. The other cardholders will not be listed in the panel display, but they will be able to use their cards to access the door if their credentials are valid.
NXT module
The NXT module gets all the cardholders with valid credentials, regardless of the custom fields. Because the main and secondary doors are wired to the NXT module, all the cards will always work.
EntraGuard module
The EntraGuard module only gets the cardholders that have a valid credential and the three Keri custom fields filled. These cardholders will be listed in the panel display and can access the Keri doors.