Pairing Aperio-enabled locks with the AH30 hub - Synergis™ Softwire 11.2

Synergis™ Softwire Integration Guide 11.2

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Synergis™ Softwire 11.2
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If you use Aperio-enabled locks with an AH30 hub, you must pair the locks with the hub using the Aperio Programming Application (APA) before you can enroll the locks on your Synergis™ unit.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have the following:
  • Aperio Online Programming Application Manual
  • Aperio Programming Application (APA)
  • USB dongle
  • TriBee Bootloader, which includes the USB dongle driver
  • Supported firmwares
  • Computer for running the APA
  • Card that is compatible with the reader


  1. Set the EAC address (1 - 15) on the hub using the DIP switches.
    IMPORTANT: Up to eight hubs can be connected to the same RS-485 channel in a daisy chain, but each hub must use a different EAC address.
  2. Power on the hub.
  3. Plug the USB dongle into your computer and install the following:
    • TriBee Bootloader (driver for the USB dongle)
    • Aperio Programming Application (APA)
  4. Open APA.
  5. Scan to discover the hub, and pair the locks to the hub.
    See the Aperio Online Programming Application Manual for instructions.
  6. Using APA, update the firmware on the hub and the locks.
    Check the supported firmware list before updating the firmware.
    Best Practice: Always upgrade the communication hub before upgrading the locks or sensors. Check that the DIP switch is set to the correct EAC address. If DIP 5 (Pairing mode) is set to active during an upgrade, the communication hub starts using a different EAC address.
  7. Configure the hub.
  8. If your communication hub firmware is earlier than version 2.6.5, enable the Remote Unlock option to use Security Center unlock schedules.
    With firmware version 2.6.5 and later, the option is enabled by default.
  9. In the Remote Unlock Configuration dialog box, enter a value for Time to live and click OK.

    This time indicates how long the Remote Unlock command (grantAccessSequence) is present in the communication hub. This setting must always be longer than the Status Report Interval set on the lock.

    You can ignore the value of Default unlock duration for Wiegand.

  10. If unlock schedules are used, enter a value for the Status Report Interval in the range 5 to 15 minutes.
    Lowering the status interval time decreases the battery life of the product. Any changes to this interval must be made on both the lock and the communication hub. If only one lock is paired with the communication hub, then this is done automatically. If more than one lock is paired with the communication hub, then you must set the Status Report Interval through the communication hub.
    NOTE: With v3 locks, the Status Report Interval setting is only used to report the online status of the lock. It is the Polling Interval used to minimize the time lag for starting and ending the unlock schedule.
  11. Pair each wireless lock:
    1. Right-click Communication hub and select Pair with lock or sensor.
      The pairing process starts.
    2. Hold the credential at the lock, or engage the magnet for the sensor to pair the hardware with the communication hub.
      The hub automatically assigns an EAC address to the lock.
    3. Write down the EAC address (1 to 127) assigned to the lock.
      The hub’s EAC address is incorporated into the lock’s EAC address. To obtain the hub’s EAC address from the lock’s EAC address, use one of the following formulas:
    • Hub’s EAC address = Lock’s EAC address modulo 16
    • Hub’s EAC address = (Remainder of Lock’s EAC address) divided by 16
  12. If you are using v3 locks, set the Polling Interval to 5 seconds.
    This minimizes the time lag for starting and ending the unlock schedule, which reduces the reaction time of the locks. It also allows the manual unlock commands issued from Security Desk to work within 5 seconds. It is not recommended to use manual unlock commands on locks other than v3 because the command only works after 1 minute or longer, depending on the Status Report Interval.
  13. After all locks are paired, set the hub to use secure radio communication.