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All TPL modules connected to the same RS-485 channel or found on the same LAN must use different physical addresses.

What you should know

The physical address of a TPL door controller is set using two sets of DIP switches, DS2 and JP4. If you have an TCP/IP extension board attached to the TPL controller board, you must first remove it before you can access the DIP switches.


  1. Set DS2/1 to 1 or ON.
  2. Set the physical address on JP4 according to the following tables.

    NOTE: JP4 (6, 7, 8) are used to set the reader communication protocol. For example, for Wiegand to read up to 50 bits without parity check, set JP4/7 to 1 or ON, and DS2/4 to 1 or ON. For more information, see the documentation from DDS corresponding to your specific device.