Supported Allegion Schlage wireless device firmware versions in Synergis™ Softwire 11.2 - Synergis™ Softwire 11.2

Synergis™ Softwire Integration Guide 11.2

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Synergis™ Softwire 11.2
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To benefit from all the features of this integration, a specific range of firmware versions must be used.

For ENGAGE IP integration, the following Allegion Schlage firmware versions are supported by Synergis™ Softwire 11.2:
Model Recommended
ENGAGE Gateway 1.60.08
Control lock (model B) 4.09.021
Control lock (legacy) 3.10.011
LE (model B) 3.08.061
LE (legacy) 1.10.051
NDE (model B) 3.08.061
NDE (legacy) 2.15.031

1 Locks do not report the card reads for unknown credentials.