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Not all Security Center access control features are supported with the integration of Mercury controllers.

The Mercury controller integration supports the following Security Center access control features.
The following is the legend for some common values found in the Supported column:
Feature is supported by this integration.
Part of the feature is not supported.
Feature is not supported by this integration.
Feature is supported only when the interface module is connected to the Synergis™ unit.
Not applicable
Feature does not apply to this integration.
Feature group Security Center feature Supported
Door behavior settings (overrides the Synergis™ unit-wide settings) Maintenance mode (keep door unlocked and ignore all access events) Yes
Standard grant time Limited1
Extended grant time Yes2
Entry time (Standard/Extended)3 Not applicable
Door relock - options Limited4
When door is unlocked by schedule - options Online
Door held - options Yes
Door forced open - options Limited5
Unlock schedules Yes
Request to exit (REX) options  
Unlock on REX (On/Off) Yes
Time to ignore REX after granting access (in seconds) Online
Ignore REX events while door is open (On/Off) Online
Time to ignore REX after door closes (in seconds) Online
Visitor escort and two-person rule  
Maximum delay between card presentation (in seconds) Limited6
Enforce two-person rule (On/Off) on Door side Limited7
Manual actions on doors in Security Desk8 Manually unlock doors Yes
Reader shunting (activate/deactivate reader) Limited9
Override unlock schedules Yes
Live event monitoring in Security Desk Module running state (Online, Offline) Yes
AC fail Yes
Battery fail (Low battery) Yes
Door open/closed Limited10
Door locked/unlocked Limited11,19
Door forced open Yes
Door held open for too long Yes
Duress PIN Yes
Area restrictions (for secured areas) Minimum security clearance (part of threat level management) No
Visitor escort rule (On/Off)12 Limited13
Interlock Yes14, 20
Hard (log and deny access on Antipassback violation) Yes15, 20
Presence timeout (forget area presence after a certain delay) Online
Strict (antipassback checked on both area entrance and exit) Yes20
On schedule Online
Max occupancy Yes20
Global antipassback Online
First-person-in rule  
Enforce on door unlock schedule Not applicable
Enforce on access rules Not applicable
Elevator control Elevators Limited16
Zone management21 I/O zone Online
Hardware zone (Limit of 42 per Mercury controller)  
Zone arming input Limited17
Zone arming schedule Yes
Zone arming and entry delays No
Zone I/O linking Limited18
Countdown buzzer No

1 The maximum supported value is 255 seconds.

2 The Extended grant time cannot be shorter than the Standard grant time.

3 Entry sensor is not supported with Mercury integrations. In the absence of the entry sensor, Security Center uses the door sensor, and the Entry detected event is generated when the door sensor is triggered. In the absence of both sensors, Security Center generates the Entry assumed event when access is granted.

4 A door that is configured to relock after opening with a non-zero timeout will relock after the grant time expires or on close, whichever occurs first. The set timeout is not taken into account. With the Relock on close option, the door relocks either when the door closes or at the end of the grant time (whichever comes first).

5 For the Reader buzzer behavior setting, the options Suppressed and Suppressed when door closes are supported in both online and offline operation modes. The option Suppressed when access is granted is treated as Suppressed when door closes.

6 The Maximum delay between card presentations setting from Config Tool is not applied. The value is fixed at 15 seconds for all Mercury controllers.

7 Two credentials owned by the same cardholder can be used to gain entry.

The reader LED stays green while the reader waits for the second credential to be presented.

8 The Synergis™ unit must be connected to the Access Manager.

9 Supported for doors, but not for elevators.

10 Multiple door sensors per door is not supported.

11 Multiple door lock outputs per door is not supported.

12 The visitor escort rule requires the FeatureRichLayout database setting to be active on your Synergis™ unit.

13 A visitor who requires an escort can be escorted by any cardholder who is someone else's escort. The specific escort that is assigned to the visitor in Security Center is not enforced by the controller.

14 REX unlocks doors regardless of interlock. If REX is used, then see Configuring Mercury controller settings in the Synergis™ Appliance Portal and Mercury native area control limitations.

15 Not recommended for Card-In/REX-Out doors because a cardholder's presence in the area cannot be verified.

16 Floor tracking is not supported. All floor buttons must be controlled by one Mercury controller. Output relays from different boards can be used, but must be assigned in consecutive blocks. This means that the last output on board A must be followed by the first output on board B if the elevator is configured across multiple boards.

17 The zone arming input cannot already be linked to a door.

18 Changing the state of the inputs of an interface triggers an event, even within the Reactivation threshold.

19 Due to a Mercury limitation, when a door it set to lock on close, the Door locked event is generated when the door opens instead of closes.

20 Feature can work offline if the Mercury native area control is enabled. For more information, see Configuring Mercury controller settings in the Synergis™ Appliance Portal and Mercury native area control limitations.

21 The "AND" operator is not supported on Mercury controllers. You cannot use an input that is already assigned to a door. In an event-to-action, you cannot use an output that is already assigned to a door.