About the primitive rules feature - Synergis™ Softwire 10.5 and later

Synergis™ Softwire Primitive Rule Technote

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Synergis™ Softwire 10.5 and later
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A primitive rule is a method used by Synergis™ Softwire to generate an action when a trigger event occurs, even when the Synergis™ unit is offline. Before you can set up primitive rules, you must enable the feature in Security Center.


  • Synergis™ Softwire 10.1 or later
  • Security Center 5.3 GA or later


Be aware of the following limitations for the primitive rules feature:

  • The Copy configuration tool does not apply to this feature.
  • The Unit replacement tool does not apply to this feature.
  • Deleting a door that has primitive rules applied to it does not automatically delete the configured primitive rules.
  • The Synergis™ unit must be online to configure primitive rules on the target unit.
  • The Configuration field does not validate the value field.
  • The Output pulse delay setting does not support decimal values.
  • The minimum security clearance on an area activated by a primitive rule will be overwritten by the current Security Center minimum security clearance.