Known issues in Synergis™ Softwire 11.3.0 - Synergis™ Softwire 11.3.0

Synergis™ Softwire Release Notes 11.3.0

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Synergis™ Softwire 11.3.0 includes the following known issues.

Interface module Issue First reported in Description
Assa Abloy IP 956660 10.5 GA When opening a door that has an assigned door sensor, no Entry detected or Entry assumed events are generated.
Assa Abloy IP 756219 10.4 GA Cx-type locks: When a passage mode-enabled door is unlocked, it does not relock when security clearance is applied through threat level.
Axis 691063 10.4 GA Axis A1001: If the Door forced option is disabled and the Axis controller is disconnected from the Synergis™ unit, the card reader still beeps when the door is forced open.
Mercury 2964481 11.2.1 After upgrading to 11.2.1 or later, Mercury OSDPv2 readers set to secure mode enrolled with Synergis™ Softwire 11.1 or 11.2.0 and Security Center or later must be paired again.
Workaround: For more information, see KBA-79088.
Mercury 2760561 11.2.0 Card reads are delayed or misread on MR62e boards when decreasing the number of assigned readers to logical entities.
Workaround: Use the following URL: https://[SCL IP address]/MercuryEP/Bus/[guid]/DespecifyAllOsdpReaders.
Mercury 2355360 10.11 GA When a Mercury controller reconnects to the Synergis™ unit, offline events that should be logged as Access denied: Denied by access rule are logged as Access Denied: Out of schedule instead.
Mercury 2222290 10.10 GA When the two-person rule is in effect, a door set to either TurnstileMercury1 or TurnstileMercury2 only unlocks after every second badge.
RIO 2315828 10.11 GA If the bus name includes spaces and ends with repeating characters, the bus cannot be accessed.
Workaround: Do not include spaces in device names.
SimonsVoss 3021679 11.3.0 It is possible to get a Mechanical Key Override - Inactive event in Security Center, even though SimonsVoss locks do not have key overrides.
Workaround: Disregard this event.
Synergis™ IX 2354370 10.11 GA On the Synergis™ IX unit's web page, changing the Module Type or Module Input values of Trouble Inputs might break functionality.
Synergis™ IX 2243787 10.11 GA Synergis™ IX input configuration is not displayed or managed in Config Tool.
Workaround: Configure the input settings from the Synergis™ IX unit's web page.
Synergis™ IX 2122008 10.11 GA Intrusion detection area alarms must be acknowledged from the keypad of the Synergis™ IX unit, instead of from Security Desk.
Synergis™ IX 2158297 10.10 GA When a cardholder enters a duress PIN into a Synergis™ IX intrusion keypad, the triggered duress event lacks the cardholder information.
Synergis™ IX 2100411 10.10 GA When a door in an interlocked area denies REX or manual unlocks from Security Center due to another door being open, the reason is listed in the Synergis™ IX controller portal, but not in Security Center.