How the KeyGrabber MultiLogger works with TagTracker - TagTracker 3.0

TagTracker 3.0 KeyGrabber MultiLogger Technote

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For sites where the TagTracker Bridge software cannot be easily installed because of IT restrictions, the TagTracker plugin can accept incoming USB scanner data from KeyGrabber MultiLogger devices.

Architecture diagram for KeyGrabber MultiLogger integration with TagTracker

diagram of a USB scanner connected to a KeyGrabber device

Components of KeyGrabber integration with TagTracker

USB scanner
The USB scanner connects to a workstation. The scanner reads tags and pushes the data to the KeyGrabber device.
KeyGrabber MultiLogger
A KeyGrabber device is connected to a workstation and used with a generic USB scanner to push scanned data to Security Center.
Video verification
(Optional) You can associate a camera with the scanner. You can overlay video feeds with read codes or bookmarks.
TagTracker Plugin
The TagTracker plugin is installed on a Security Center server and runs as a plugin role.
Config Tool
The TagTracker Plugin is also installed on a Config Tool workstation. The Security Center administrator uses Config Tool to create and configure the TagTracker role.
Security Desk
The TagTracker Plugin is installed on all Security Desk workstations. Security Desk operators can live monitor scans and video feeds or create reports for tag activities filtered by scanner, full code, partial code, or time stamp.