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The KeyGrabber MultiLogger or KeyGrabber device is a multichannel keystroke and scanner recorder that integrates generic USB scanners into TagTracker.

The KeyGrabber device is connected to the USB port of a workstation that controls a generic USB scanner. The scanner is connected to the KeyGrabber device.

The KeyGrabber device comes in four-channel and eight-channel versions. Both versions have eight ports on the front.

Diagram of the KeyGrabber MultiLogger
  Hardware feature What you should know
A Mini-USB port You use the mini USB port to connect the KeyGrabber device to a computer so that you can upload the configuration file to the device.
B Ethernet port The Ethernet port is for streaming data over IP.
C USB You use the USB ports to connect the workstation and the generic USB scanner.

On a four-channel KeyGrabber device, the USB ports are paired; for each connected scanner, you attach the scanner to one port and the workstation to the other port of the pair.

On an eight-channel KeyGrabber device, the ports are not paired, so connecting the scanner and workstation requires a splitter cable connected to a single port.